5 Reasons to Use Twitter Web Interface


Mostly people tweet using third party twitter clients such as Tweetdeck, Sessmic, Tweetie for Mac or from their mobile phones using third party twitter mobile apps. Previously we had told you about several Twitter clients and also several reasons, the advantages to use a twitter client instead of direct twitter web interface, now this post deals with the disadvantage of twitter clients or may be we can approach as positive signs using twitter web interface.

Large number of people who use twitter prefer third party twitter clients because they give you awesome user interface, alot of options to separate your tweeting experience, keeping track of updates can be easy only with twitter clients, I agree. But, for certain factors twitter clients have biggest drawback, let’s discuss them.

No #1

With the twitter web interface you can send and receive tweets quickly. If you consider twitter clients, you don’t get the replies/direct messages instantly. But on twitter web interface, you can easily get it instantly.

No #2

The biggest disadvantage in twitter apps or clients is that, it has API limits. Only certain number of tweets can be send with particular time limit. But on web interface you can send unlimited tweets and there is no tweet time limit.

No #3

I’m not sure how many twitter clients has this feature. In web interface, you has this new Retweet functionality. Without much effort, you can Retweet with single click. When you consider twitter client such as tweetdeck, it has this option and am not sure about other twitter clients. But Web interface is fast and easy to Retweet.

No #4

On certain occassions, Web interface will be rocking with visuals. When you look into Football WorldCup season, the hashtag #worldcup had a small football icon in the web interface. So if you don’t use web interface, then you’re missing it.

No #5

Only on web interface you can customize the background of your twitter account. There by you can show off your business card, contact information and your design creativity.

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Bonus :

Web interface can show the mutual tweet friends, information about the twitter like bio, website link etc.

Some of the non-popular Twitter Clients : MetroTwit | Spaz | Multwiple | Social Visor

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  1. My problem with Twitter clients is that they sometimes consume way too much RAM and end up slowing down my computer. I prefer having my facebook and twitter open in my browser.

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