5 Best Online Data backup Services


Data backup services and data backup tools are must for every user. Things will happen unexpected such as your data might get crashed and lose data from your computer. So to avoid such unexpected situations one can always prefer a data backup service. On the past, we had seen quite number of data backup tools for each services such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Mobile phones, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows/Linux etc.

These backup tools which I have mentioned in the above paragraph can be used only for each specific services, but it is always preffered to have data backup online. So that you can restore the data from the online cloud whenever and where ever you need. Let’s check out some of the best online data backup services.


Sugarsync is one of the best data backup solution and provides all the basic backup features and sharing tools. It is compatible with several smartphones and mobile devices, including iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and iPhone. You can sync and share data across multiple devices and perform simple edits through the web.


Can there be some one who doesn’t know about dropbox ? Dropbox is also a best solution to backup your data. You can back up data, share folders for collaboration, share links of photo galleries and sync across multiple computers. It offers a free version where you can get 2GB of space. Pro version are available for 50 GB and 100 GB backup space.


IBackup service offers online data backup solution and is incredibly easy to use one. It provides from basic to advanced feature for an online data backup with 10 GB or 1000 GB of secure backup storage space. Also it provides remote tools for mobile or web access.


IDrive is also one of the competitors for the best data backup solution. It offers a free 2GB personal use version, a 150GB personal use version and 50, 100 and 500GB Pro for Business accounts. It has a easy to use interface, and also takes only seconds to schedule automatic backups with preferences such as email notifications and bandwidth use.


As we have seen the best 4 backup solutions above, ending up with Elephant drive online backup solution which provides excellent data backup service for both free and pro version. It provide automatic and scheduled backups, sharing tools, mapped network drive backup ability and file versioning. It also has a bandwidth throttle that you can use to control bandwidth usage.

If you’ve tried some other online data backup solution, you can leave a comment below.

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  1. Boris Mehling says:

    I tried some online-backup-services, like Mozy, Carbonite and Dropbox. All of them are very good and helpful. Because of the price and a good press review I now use Updatestar Online Backup.I think that Updatestar Online Backup and the other two services are missing in the above list and must be completed urgently.

  2. Davi says:

    Great information up here.I have tried the above online backups and they all work very well.But my problem is now withy Mozy.They would have got another we of getting rid of their customers other than increasing the prices.Well i’m glad i have now switched from Mozy to Safecopy online backup service whose costs are effective and i have also realised that they offer a free unlimited 3GB trial version.

  3. Vince says:

    @Davi you are right Mozy has now become so annoying and making us now seem like refugees.I love Dropbox.Thanks for the article.I will give Safecopy a spin.

  4. Derick says:

    Thanks for the information.The above gives one a good option to choice which online backup service he or she can use.There is also a link called backuplineup which writes down good reviews about certain online backup systems.

  5. Rina says:

    This is just so cool

  6. I would also recommend you to use http://www.zeropc.com which provides 14GB of free space, and also lets you access all your cloud content from different cloud storage services via a single login.

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