5 Best Free VPN Services


VPN services enable you to browse anonymously and get access to websites / web services which are restricted in your network. Web Proxies also do this but they can be really dangerous as they can spy on your content. Also most of the web proxies block java scripts and dynamic content. Key requirements to use any VPN service are:

Bypass local network firewall:

Most of the school/colleges and offices have their firewall block sites like Gmail, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. Access to these sites can be gained though using a VPN. (Caution: If use of such VPN clients is restricted by policy in your network, do it at your own risk).

Bypass geographical restrictions:

There are many websites/webservices which are available in a particular geography only. As an example, Hulu or Pandora are not available in India (or outside US). These webservices impose restriction at IP level so that people from outside the available region are unable to use it. Using VPN you can get access to such websites/services.

Anonymous Web Surfing:

Many a times a user may not want to reveal his identity while browsing. A user may want to interact in a sensitive debate without revealing his / her identity. He may also want to use P2P file sharing without sharing his details.

5 Best VPN services


CyberGhost VPN is a popular VPN service. CyberGhost is regarded as one of the most reliable and trusted VPN service. Their basic version comes free. Basic version gives you 1 GB per month of bandwidth. They have servers in US, Germany and many other countries in Europe.

FreeVPN by WSC

FreeVPN client is one of the popular VPN. The offer connection via servers in US and Canada. They also have a premium paid service which includes more servers from UK, Sweden, France, Germany etc. Its client is available for Windows and also for iPhone and iPad.

PacketiX.NET VPN Client

PacketiX.NET VPN This is not a free service in reality but they let users test VPN using their client. This is a Japan based VPN. It is supposed to be fast and reliable. But configuration of it client can be bit tricky at times.


ItsHideen VPN is a free VPN service which does not require any client download and installation. User needs to create an online account and setup ItsHidden on their PC. Their free service gives you upto 5GB of monthly bandwidth. You can configure this for Linux as well.


HideIP VPN is a premium service but they give out 25 free VPN accounts every week. You need to keep an eye on their blog and Twitter account to find when the free accounts are available. They have their servers in US and UK and. You can also get a free VPN account from them if you are willing to promote their service. HideIP VPN is also considered fast, reliable and secure.

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