Visual World Map Statistics with Show World


I should say, this is pure fun and knowledge gaining online app. You might have learned in your schooling about different countries and their available resources. I mean, you may know about different countries such as USA, India, Japan, China and all their resources. Suppose if you take the population statistics, you will find out China ranking first, India second and goes on. All these statistics you may have learned in numbers and static images. But how about knowing the statistics in a visually entertaining way ? Here is an online application which is beautifully designed and developed to learn about the world statistics with the World Map.

Show World has developed a beautiful app that displays the statistics of any topic that you take and shows them in a stunning visual manner. All you need to do is, Select a subject from the top menu and watch the countries on the map change their size. Instead of land mass, the size of each country will represent the data for that subject – both its share of the total and absolute value.

It has many categories such as People, Planet, Business, Politics, Living. On each category, you have many sub categories to test it out such as Population statistics, Death statistics of people who die on road accidents, cancer deaths, education rate in World level, animal resources in the world, Nuclear, oil energy, food strength etc.

All the statistic resources are available on the web, but it will be on text format or numbers. This application shows them in different visual way. Keeping the World map as base, it resizes the countries according to the resources. Also it adds information about the category which we select. Lot of reference links, downloadable content are also provided. Useful one for people who is seeking world statistics.

Visual World Map Statistics

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