Use Google Maps to Find Public Transport Routes, Walking Directions


I was looking out for some direction routes in Google maps, then I came to know about this new tool which was introduced by Google named ‘ Google Transit ‘. It says, Plan a trip using Public transportation. With the help of Google maps, you can get step by step transit directions which includes how much kms you need to travel, the walking directions, approx minutes of travel etc.

You can get this Public Transit directions on mobile phone, which will be very much helpful to find a place. All you need to do is, just simply enter two addresses. One is the departure address and other is arrival address. Once you’ve done, the Google maps will find the best possible route to travel along with clear step by step instructions such as Starting from here, take left, take 2nd right on particular street and other stuff. How helpful when you search for some address right ?

Once you’ve hit the Google Transit page on Google maps, you can select from the cities which are listed. They have listed almost all the big cities in each country. It comes around 448 cities. Select your country, then you city.

Then click the Get Directions and enter the depature and arrival addresses. You can select the mode of transport from the given four options such as Car, Public transport, By walk, Bycycling. Select the mode which you’re going to travel. Also if you’re going to travel using Public transport, then select the depature time and date, so that it can show you the public transport information and their timings.

Now you can choose from the routes which is shown by Google maps, then following that, it also gives you step by step transit directions. On your right side, you can see the map directions when you hover your mouse over the points in directions. You can also drag and create your own route.

Google Transit – Get directions for places in Google Maps

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