Backup your Tumblr blog with Tumblr Backup


After the huge downtime of Tumblr servers for more than 26 hours, the tumblr officials have come up with a Tumblr Backup tool for Mac OSx. This Tumblr backup app for Mac does a simple job. It creates a backup of all your blog content as static HTML files that can be viewed offline on your computer.

You can just create a backup, burn in a cd or save in your hard drive. As of now, they have released this Tumblr backup for Mac OS X which requires 10.5 or higher. They have also promised that they will soon launch a similar app for Windows users.

The only drawback of this Tumblr Backup for Mac OS X, it doesn’t backup Private tumblelogs, submissions, notes, feed-imported posts, audio files from re-blogged posts.

If you’re a Windows user, you can use this web based Tumblr backup tool named ‘ Backup Jammy ‘ that lets you to backup tumblr easily. All you need to do is, just enter the tumblr blog name, mention the backup tool to backup from the number of post and also enter the type of files to backup such as text, images, links, quotes, videos, songs etc.

Download Tumblr Backup for Mac OS X | Backup Jammy for Windows

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  1. Never really thought about it like that before.

  2. Tim Heller says:

    I just found this one:
    It’s free, written in java. It only backs up the photos of tumblr, but a nice feature is,. that it does incremental backups, it always starts where it left off the last run.

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