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Have you ever lost your phone and all contacts with it? Or got a new phone wondering how to transfer the phonebook? Perhaps you’re a bit of geek using mutiple phones and wondering how to sync all the contacts together ? Then you may need Syncfriend, a free tool that allows you to take mobile contacts backup and sync with contacts when ever a change is found.

SyncFriend is an pretty online tool for backup mobile phonebook contacts. It allows you to backup and synchronize your mobile phone’s contact and calendar information for free! It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, what mobile phone or what operator network. It suits everything.

All your information are safely stored and easy edited on your online account. You may syncronize as many contacts as you want, or use multiple sync connections for a single account such as additional phones. It supports more or less all Nokia and SonyEricsson phones, Samsung, Motorola, LG and also there is an free app for iPhone backup, Android phonebook backup, Windows mobile, Blackberry and Palm.

All you need to do is, just login into Syncfriend with your existing Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Flickr, Windows Live ID social accounts that is available. If you don’t want you login with these existing accounts, you can create a new account for Syncfriend. Then once you’ve signed up, just select your Mobile phone model/manufacturer. Then give the model number and also your phone number, so that it will be easy for sync your phonebook contacts.

For the first time you log in to your account, you will get instructions on how to set-up your phone with Syncfriend settings. For many countries and operators Syncfriend offer an SMS that automatically delivers the settings to your phone. Alternatively, you will be given easy instructions in how to enter the settings manually.

On the Syncfriend help page, you will be given with settings information such as username, password, server name for Syncfriend so that it can sync your contacts online. Then you need to set up on your mobile and then it sync’s all the contacts.

You can also invite your friends to Syncfriend and when they sync their phone book contacts using Syncfriend and also add you as a friend on Syncfriend, when ever they make changes in their contact book, you will get your friend’s updated contact details automatically into your phonebook and also your friend will get yours too!

Syncfriend also offers sending SMS to your contacts from their online interface. All your phonebook contacts plus calendar is totally backed up and sync for free.

Features of SyncFriend :

  • Make a quick and safe back-up of your mobile phone’s phonebook and calendar (free)
  • Get a self-updating phonebook (free)
  • Sync your phone with your web account (free)
  • Sync Outlook with your web account and your phone (free)
  • Get rid of all identical contact duplicates (free)
  • Restore any deleted info at any time (free)
  • Send web-SMS (still beta)

SyncFriend – Mobile Contacts Backup and Sync Online

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  1. VIDYA says:

    hey this will be very helpfull for people who keep changing their hand set very often

  2. Amit says:

    Nice tip

  3. Interesting post, thanks for your tips and insight.

  4. Jonas Falk says:

    Hi. These are common use cases for all phone users, I believe. I prefer to use http://www.mobical.net

  5. Lars Sorqvist says:

    Many thanks for reviewing us!
    Please check us up at http://syncfriend.com, we’ll soon also launch more features.

  6. Mary says:

    Hi everyone, I personally use CellPhonecontacts.com a Free and Secure Cell Phone Contacts Management website, it has a very easy to use interface, similar to the iphone4 contacts management, which lets you view and edit contacts by letter or search for words and even add extensive notes to each of your contacts, for me this is a great option, ok take care folks !!

  7. suresh says:

    Hi every one. I am looking for such website. But I want to put one querry – how safe is our back up? whether it(backup information) is used by the concerned website for other purposes ? please speak over this.

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