[Giveaway Free Licenses] Social Safe Facebook Backup tool to Backup Facebook data, Photos, Wall posts


As a Christmas special, For our Madras Geek readers and visitors We have come up with an excellent giveaway. Facebook has become a part of our daily life. Even we spend most of our time online with friends rather than spending time with offline friends. So here is the giveaway related to Facebook. Facebook backup software to backup all your Facebook account datas, photos, wall posts and friends.

Can you imagine losing all your Facebook datas, photo albums, friends etc ? There is a possibility of risk happening to you anytime, so it is always safer to backup your data when it comes to social networking sites. Over a small period of time, you might have get addicted to Facebook and sharing huge datas, photos on your Facebook account. When you lose that, you cannot bear it. So, to avoid this we have come up with the idea to giveaway Facebook backup software for free.

The Facebook backup tool that we have been speaking in the above paragraph is named as ” Social Safe “. Social Safe is a Facebook backup tool which is based on the adobe air. It allows you to connect to Facebook and download your photos, friends, status updates and profile for viewing it offline.

Also it backups all your friends, your profile, photo albums, the photos which your’re tagged in, etc. Social safe acts like a digital diary backing up your online social memories, keeping them safe forever on your computer. SocialSafe works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Social Safe Features :

  • Securely export your Facebook data to your hard disk
  • Powerful digital diary gives unique view to your social history
  • Search and browse your backed up content offline
  • Easily export your photos, tagged photos and albums
  • Personalize your digital diary with stylish themes

What does Social Safe backup ?

  • Photo albums
  • Friends
  • Profile information
  • Status updates
  • Wall posts
  • Tagged photos

The Pro license for Social Safe costs around 7$. As Christmas Giveaway for our Madras Geek readers and visitors, we have 10 Pro licenses for Social Safe, Facebook backup tool. All you need to do is simple.

1. If you have an twitter account, just Retweet and spread the word. Else, you can share the post on Facebook.

2. Leave a comment on ‘Why you need Social Safe’ ?

While commenting, kindly use your valid email id. So that it could help us to pick the winners and get in touch with them. Winners will be selected using the random generator. First 10 winners will be sent the Pro License key of Social Safe Facebook backup tool. Giveaway offer ends before Christmas. So go ahead – participate and Win. Good Luck all :)

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  1. Juniorhero says:


    I need Social Safe to leave peacefully online

  2. Arun says:

    we need social safe for protect our valuable datas….

  3. Hi,

    Done both. Please do count me in. I need it badly as I want to keep my Facebook account safe and I don’t want to loose any data.

    RT: http://twitter.com/#!/designer_digest/status/17252374183682049
    FB: http://www.facebook.com/kevinsubba/posts/120924674640373


  4. Since the social profile is maintained online there is a good chance of data loss if there is any problem with the servers. so its always good to have the backup in the local PC

    Tweet Status : http://twitter.com/Digisecrets/status/17253028172144640

  5. Tweeted.

    Facebook has all MY contents. Why should i not have a copy of it? At the end of the day, I created it, even though the tool is given by them.

    Thanks for the tool.

  6. These stylish theme is cool :)

    Here i my Tweet >> http://j.mp/fLPebD
    And also shared on my fb wall >> http://www.facebook.com/vasanth.govind/posts/123087801089707

  7. Nice giveaway! count me in:

    The Facebook backup tool is freakin’ awesome.
    make all data in my facebook account safer is one of my priorities. :D


  8. wow.. this tool is awesome.. i love it.. i have shared in fb n tweeter too..
    i want to backup everything…

  9. Amar says:

    I want to keep my Facebook account safe and I don’t want to loose any data.

  10. Bligbook says:

    social safe would always ensure that i am always safe…


  11. i need social safe, so that i can protect my online identity……


  12. Crunchynow says:

    its always been amazing to have such things from you….

    besides social safe would allow me to store contents without being concern about the security features….


  13. RT Link : http://twitter.com/#!/tospost/status/18371116020006913

    Hope m not late. Besides the normal Backup tht fb offers, it would be great to have an alternate option too. :)

  14. Fantastic offer! As a freelance designer, I am surely taking the benefit of using Facebook to spread my business and do other marketing campaign and thus I would absolutely hate losing my Facebook data. I imagine how easier my work process will become with this tool and I believe this will definitely useful tool for me. Thanks!

    Here is my retweet:

  15. Hey, great site!.

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