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I know a lot has been written in the past regarding SEO (search engine optimisation) for bloggers, but as the the blogging world expands daily it is worth touching back on a few points – and for those bloggers who already pay attention to SEO this will push you to give your blog an SEO health check, and maybe you will learn something new.

Quality Content (still) Rules

Google have talked about time and time again, you have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ over and over again – it is because it is true. Quality content pulls in readers; quality content makes people return to your blog, quality content earns natural backlinks for your site. If you don’t have quality content on your blog then why will people return, why would they subscribe to the RSS feed of a poorly written, uninformed, trashy blog – they wouldn’t. Spend time crafting your blog posts (not everyone can run a page off in 30 seconds and make it engaging – although we could do with a blogging Jack Kerouac), fill your post with images and links to other exciting content – have themes that run throughout the blog. Quality content requires time and effort and you will be rewarded for your hard work (eventually).

SEO for Blogs websites

Know How Google Works

Use the search engine optimisation techniques that Internet Marketing guys use. Make your Title Tags keyword rich (research popular phrases and target these), write unique and compelling Meta Description Tags, make sure your Heading tag is both keyword rich and entices people to read the post. If you have images in the post make sure you name them and make sure they are named with words that are relevant to the title and concept of the post. If you are posting videos on your blog make sure that there is plenty of text surrounding the video to ensure that Google understands what the video is about. Use bold and italic sparingly on the keywords and concepts of the post. Never forget that Google looks at each page individually when ranking, so it is important to understand that focus is important.

How to Get index your blog on Google search engine

Internal and outgoing links

Links (both internal and external are crucial to SEO for bloggers), so make sure on your post that you link to other relevant posts on your site – using great anchor text as Google will have its beady eyes on this. Don’t be afraid to link out to other sites, make sure they are of high quality and are topically related (this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t link out to non related sites, just focus on the topical ones)

How Google calculates Backlinks from websites

Inbound links

Getting inbound links can be tough, for bloggers the best way is to create relationships. Participate in commenting on other sites and become known by the site owner, in time they will start to read your site and probably at some point link to you. Participate in social media like Twitter; interacting can lead to relationships, which can lead to links. Don’t be afraid to write for other blogs. Bloggers are busy people and often have limited time to write posts, they are often happy to accept guest posts – generally with a link or two in the copy back to your site.

By employing these simple tactics your blog will be reaching more and more people on a daily basis and at the end of the day all any of us really want is more people reading our blogs (and maybe, just maybe a little bit of praise!)

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