Send Mass Emails to all Registered, Commented WordPress Users with WP Mass Mailer


Previously we had discussed about Email users WordPress plugin which allows you to send an email to all the registered blog users, where as now we have WP Mass Mailer plugin which extends the functionality of Email users plugin where you can send mass emails to all the registered and commented WordPress users.

WP Mass Mailer plugin for WordPress allows you to send mail to all your WordPress commenter, registered user and the specified post’s comments. Using this plugin is so simple. Just install the plugin, activate it and start sending emails. But why do you need this plugin ?

Suppose if you want to announce certain rules to all the registered blog members, then you can use this Mass Mailer plugin. It also supports various options such as sending emails to registered users alone, commentators alone, to all subscribers which includes both registered and commentator.

Also you can send emails to people who have commented on specific posts. Simply select the recipient group, subject, body of the message and hit the send button.

Download WP Mass Mailer plugin

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  1. Sharat says:

    Yeah I liked the post. Thanks for posting :) …

    I was not aware of this plugin … Thanks :)

  2. rare videos says:

    very useful for membership sites :)

  3. I have got a handful of registered wp users in my blog. I will try this plugin.

  4. Nice share buddy…. Will be very useful to me….

  5. I used something like this in the past to email my readers through my WordPress blog in the past and somewhere during a redesign tossed it. Thanks I’ll be taking advantage of this because it gave me some decent results in the past.

  6. thanks for sharing this plugin as in search of it.

  7. game says:

    awesome jsut what i looking for .Since our gaming blog generating good vistors and a lot of register users every day .we need this plug in .
    Previously we had one but its was just waist of time .

  8. Joco1114 says:

    Is there any way to send mails to a specified groups like Authors, Editors, etc.

    • Did you check the related post link which I have mentioned below the post ? The email users wordpress plugin will do the job of sending emails to authors, editors etc.

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