Search Google Chrome Tabs, Bookmarks with Spot


If you’re a person like me who will be working on more tabs, then go ahead. Working on too many tabs, some times we get annoyed finding the content which we left working on a tab. To find out the tab, here is a simple addon that allows you to search Google chrome tabs based on the keywords. Suppose if there are 3 tabs for example, a wordpress dasboard, yahoo mail and twitter. You can simply hit the search option, quickly type Yahoo and find out the tab.

Already on the past, we had discussed about Tab Manager extensions for Chrome that helps you in swapping tabs on Google chrome and also we had seen how to recover, get back the closed tab on chrome. This extension not only searches the Tabs, but also adds the functionality to Google Chrome Bookmarks. If you’re seeking a separate extension to search bookmarks quickly, then use Lite Bookmarks addon for Chrome

Spot is a Chrome search extension which allows you to search through active tabs and bookmark and jump to the result using your keyboard or mouse. Watch the demo video which is shown below

Download Spot addon for Chrome

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