Search Files using the text written inside with FileSeek


We had seen many File searching utility that can search files with their file name super fast than the default Windows search function. But have you ever needed to find a specific string of text inside a file? If only a file name, then tools like ultra search can do the job, what if you need files that has a particular block of text ? Here comes the FileSeek.

FileSeek is a free windows utility that allows you to search for file names and string of text inside a file name quickly on your hard disk. It adds many features right from including, excluding specific files, case sensitive query, processing file handlers, you can also filter your search with date and time.

It also adds a right click context menu functionality, where you can find similar files in your hard disk. You can easily remove the duplicate file. If you have doubt on any of the files, just right click them, use Fileseek and hit the search button, it throws a duplicate file of which you’ve selected.

Features of File Seek :

  • Search for text matches
  • Match Regular Expressions
  • Search folders and sub-folders
  • Match 1 or more file patterns
  • Exclude 1 or more file patterns
  • Filter results by last modified date
  • Never background indexes files
  • Completely Free!

Download FileSeek

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    good one.I like it.

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