Scan, Delete Duplicate Bookmarks in Chrome with Bookmark Sentry


Already we had talked a lot about Bookmarks manager and Bookmarks addon for managing bookmarks in Chrome and also backup bookmarks and sync across different computers. Now if you’ve the habit of bookmarking important pages and websites, then there would be lot of bookmarks stored in your browser bookmark’s folder. We don’t have enough tools to clean up those bookmarks and remove duplicate entries or broken links. Chrome has an excellent addon that scans and removes the duplicate bookmark entries.

Bookmark Sentry for chrome is a simple scanner for your Google Chrome bookmarks. It checks for bad links and duplicates and displays a report if it finds something. It can be scheduled to run a scan every couple of days or not at all. It’s kind of like FireFox’s “Check Places”.

Once you’ve installed Bookmark Sentry, Go to your options > extensions > bookmark sentry > options. Start your scan and once it is completed, you can find and remove broken and duplicate bookmarks.

Download Bookmark Sentry

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