Save, Archive Interesting Tweets with The Archivist

The Archivist is a service that allows you to search Twitter either users or tweets hashtags. The interesting thing about this service is that these searches are archived, analyzed (with graphics, layouts, etc) and can be exported (to a spreadsheet or a Zip) and sharing through tweets. We only need to enter and associate your Twitter account with the service, so you can save searches and reports generated. Perhaps the best tool reports are generated.
Usage is as follows.
  • Sign in to twitter
  • Enter the search parameter
  • One you enter a search the the Archivist search all the tweets creates a nice dashboard and gives you the output
  • You can also save the archive  and view it and analyse it for later use.

The app is built by Microsoft MIX online team, that tells us that its safe to use the app. The use of this app can find mind-blowing . from internet market to analysis of a target audience . This app is probably the one stop spot for getting statistical data from twitter .

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