Protect from Facebook Virus with Bitdefender Safego


Often we are attacked with Facebook spam virus or some sort of virus facebook app that really mess up with your profile. There is a saying that prevention is better than cure, so it is always better that we could protect before being attacked with such Facebook spam viruses. Just stumbled upon this Facebook app from the security company Bitdefender.

BitDefender safego app for Facebook scans and protects your Facebook account from unwanted risk, hacks and spam virus. The links which are shared on your wall, the links which you get through personal messages, comments on status messages from friends etc. It actually warns you if your personal data is easily accessible and your privacy at risk.

Also BitDefender safego you get a privacy rating that tells you whether you’re an easy prey on the personal data theft front as well. Just go to the Bitdefender Safego app, let it access your profile like anyother facebook app. Once you’ve done with it, you can see the Safego interface where you can scan your profile, set the privacy level, it also shows the scanned and infected items.

There is a special feature in this app, that if you swtich on ‘Publish to wall’ settings, it will automatically allow safego to post a warning message on your wall when a threat is deteced.

Bitdefender Safego app

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