PDF a Website, Blog Webpage with JoliPrint


If you want to print a website or webpage, then using a printer will suck your ink on cartridges. Using a Printer friendly tool and download website or webpage to PDF document is a brilliant idea. This saves ink as well as digital solution. On the past we had seen tools such as Print What You Like which allows you to print only the parts of a webpage where you can select your parts. The similar kind of tool named Print Edit, which allows you to edit the webpage before you print.

JoliPrint is a free online tool that allows you to take a PDF document of any webpage that you enter. Simply enter a webpage url address and click Joliprint. You will get the PDF document as download. Apart from this, Joliprint has a bookmarklet button that lets you to save a webpage into PDF instantly.

Just drag and drop the bookmarklet into your browsers, bookmarks bar. So that you can print any webpage instantly from the bookmarks bar by clicking on the bookmarklet. You can also add Joliprint buttons on your website, blogs etc.

JoliPrint – Printer friendly & PDF your blogs and websites

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