Password Lock your Private Photos in iPhone, iPod Touch


We have been talking about Folder lock software for Windows, now if you’re managing your photos on iPhone, then you can password lock your photos in iPhone with Private Pics iPhone app. Some times, you may want to keep strangers away from viewing your personal photos ? then you can use this iPhone app.

Private Pics iPhone, iPod touch app lets you to password protect your private pics on your iPhone. It blocks viewing the photos from anyone who doesn’t have your password. With this app, you can safely give your photo to your friends or strangers, so that they don’t get a chance to view the photos. Unfortunately the app can only password lock photos and not videos.

Here you can read about password lock videos and mp3 files.

Private Pics app Features :

  • Use simple PIN or a password
  • Multitasking supported with auto lock
  • Full support for high resolution Retina display
  • Add pictures directly from computer using iTunes
  • Pictures and notes protected with hardware based encryption on compatible devices
  • Slideshow with shuffle, multiple transitions

Download Private Pics iPhone app

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  1. blogjunta says:

    We have read through few of your posts and they are amazing.

  2. Amit says:

    Thanks..This is really a nice feature

  3. carolina says:

    no comparision: KYMS is the best one to lock photos and videos.

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