How to Promote your Blog on Orkut with Orkut Promote Feature


Seriously Orkut has gone far behind in the social networking race, but In case if you still love Orkut and want to use Orkut to promote your blog and interesting stuff, Google has come up with the video of ‘Orkut Promote’, a how to use video which demos on how to use this Orkut promote to share your blog post, interesting pictures, videos etc. If you still figuring out, what is Orkut ? It is a social networking site from Google.

There is a button in the application panel of your Orkut home page named ‘ Orkut Promote ‘, where you can promote blog post, share youtube videos and pictures and send it for promotion. Once you’ve set, it will appear in your friends profile on the top right side with the small button ‘Promote it’. So if your friends click the ‘Promote it’ button, then it will be spread to their friends, so on it goes like that ..

Check out the video from Google which demos how to use the Orkut Promote feature :

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  1. Although Orkut has brought in the promote feature to do something like what facebook does, they both are on their own tracks and Orkut isn’t meant for promotion. It was still a good social network earlier, but now it isn’t. Facebook has taken over everything – social networking, friends, site promotion etc.
    Still, for those with a large friend base on orkut still, can try this feature.

  2. Gadget Reviews says:

    Nice tips, now I knew how to promote my blog on Orkut with Orkut promote feature. Thanks :)

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