20+ Simple Tips To Optimize RSS Feeds


You would have optimized your blog posts, images, and even videos for search engines, but most of them don’t care about optimizing their RSS Feeds, which could turn out to be a great traffic source like search engines. Optimize the output of your RSS to get more exposure.

Optimize your RSS feed so that it performs better in the search engines. RSS feeds should be properly optimized and promoted. You can use the below mentioned simple tips to optimize your RSS Feeds easily.

#1 – Align Images in RSS Feeds : By default, RSS Feeds have poor alignment and margin settings. Rarely people care about aligning images on their RSS Feeds, but this causes lots of problems, and may force them to unsubscribe too. You can download Align RSS Images plugin for aligning images properly.

#2 – Include Pages in RSS Feeds : Modify RSS feeds so that they include pages and not just posts. Use RSS Includes Page plugin for this. If you are using WordPress as a CMS, then this is good tip for you.

#3 – RSS Syndication Options : This plugin allows the administrator modify the RSS sy:updateperiod and sy:updatefrequency parameters in their RSS feed (see http://purl.org/rss/1.0/modules/syndication/). These parameters tell RSS aggregators how frequently they can expect changes to your blog, and should in theory affect crawl rates. Download RSS Syndication Options plugin.

#4 – Delay RSS Feeds Update : Stop a post from immediately being published on feed. If you are updating your article after publishing it or if you found any error on it, then this plugin will be really useful. Download Feed Delay plugin.

#5 – Add a Custom Footer : You can add a copyright notice or welcome note. This plugin makes it easy to add a line of content to the beginning or the end of all the articles in your feeds, for instance to display a link back. Download RSS Footer plugin.

#6 – Embed Videos in RSS Feeds : By default, YouTube videos are not correctly embedded in your feeds, this plugin allows you to insert full featured YouTube videos into your post, comments and in RSS feed. Download Smart YouTube plugin.

#7 – Redirect WordPress Feeds :All are familiar with Feedburner, so it will be fine if you can use Feedburner itself. You can redirect WordPress Feeds to Feedburner without a plugin. Check WPBeginner’s Tutorial.

You will not lose any RSS subscriber and you don’t need to manually edit your RSS feed links even if you change your theme.

#8 – Exclude Unwanted Categories : If you have any categories that is not useful to your readers or if it is irrelevant to your blog’s niche, then you can exclude it from your RSS Feeds. Check WPRecipes Tutorial.

#9 – Provide RSS Feeds for Comments : WordPress itself has built-in function for providing rss feed for the comments of a specific post. Just call the comment_rss_link() function:

< ?php comments_rss_link('» Comments RSS Feed'); ?>

#10 – Provide Category-Specific RSS Feeds : If you want to provide RSS Feeds for a particular category alone, then you can try this simple tip/trick.


Now to get an RSS feed for this category alone, then you need to add /feed to the end of the URL, that’s all.


#11 – Add Style Sheet to RSS Feeds : For aligning images or formatting contents, you can use a Style Sheet to your RSS Feeds. Check Tutorial.

#12 – Publish RSS Feeds : You can gain new subscribers by switching from partial feeds to full feeds. Go to WordPress Settings > Reading. For each article in a feed, show Full Text. Enable that and save! Ping Feedburner after making the changes.

#13 – Optimize Title and Description : If you are using Feedburner, then you can easily change the Title and Description for your RSS Feeds. Make it optimized.

#14 – Setup Auto Discovery : By setting auto-discovery, on the URL bar you can see a RSS Icon. By this you can encourage users to subscribe. Check WPBeginner Tutorial.

I think latest WordPress versions contain this functionality. Still you can use them if you want it to make cross browser compatible.

#15 – Add Post Thumbnail : You can easily add post thumbnails to your WordPress RSS feeds with a simple function. Check Dave Redfern’s Tutorial.

#16 – Display Rotating Headlines : Using Feedburner you can display rotating headlines. Go to Publicize -> Headline Animator. You can customize colors, size and date formats. You can also integrate it on your blog or social network profiles.

#17 – Emphasize Keywords : The link texts should emphasize keywords. Be sure to use keywords in any link text that points back to your website.

#18 – Submit RSS Feeds to Search Engines : Submit your RSS Feeds to all the popular search engines so that it will help them to spider it easily.

#19 – Submit RSS Feeds to RSS Directories : There are tonnes of RSS Directories out there. You can make use of them and increase link popularity. While submitting make sure you choose the correct category.

#20 – Heading Tags : If the RSS feed is displayed as an HTML web page then using H1 or H2 tags to display the RSS feed’s item titles makes sense. You can emphasis the keywords by using header tags.

#21 – Validate Your Feeds : Many feed readers (including Google‘s FeedBurner service) will not accept invalid blog/site feeds. So it is better to validate your site’s feeds first. Check these Online Free Feeds Validation Tools for validating your feeds.

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    nice article , just when i need it . can you tell me how to pull feeds from a different blog to the sidebar of another blog . the default function is causing trouble [cpu overload] as both the blogs are on same server .

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