Online Word Count Calculator, Count Number of Words with Word Count Tool


Do you want to calculate the character count in particular text ? or Do you want to count the number of words in a block of text ? You can easily do it with online tool that allows displays the number of words in a block of text that you paste in it. Today we have one such tool to count the total number of words in a text.

Word Count Tool is a free online word counting tool that lets you to find out the total number of words in a particular block of text. Just copy the block of text, go to Word count tool and paste it. Hit the submit button, it displays the total number of words used in the particular block of text.

It counts only the words which are made out of the alphabet, combination of alphabets and numbers, apostrophe ( ‘ ) and a hyphen ( – ). It doesn’t count words starting with an apostrophe ( ‘ ) or a hypen ( – ) when only used numbers, examples: 1234 will not be counted but 1234a will be counted and it doesn’t count HTML tags.

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Online Word Count Calculator

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