New Facebook Profile Layout, Add Activities to Facebook Friends Profile


Facebook has revamped its new profile layout, The profile page has got some new designs.The bio, photos tagged, navigation, education and work details, interest has got some priority. How to Get the New Facebook Profile layout ? Go here and get the new look instantly – New Facebook Profile Page

Facebook New Profile page

The top navigation bar such as Wall – Info – Photos – Notes have moved to the left sidebar below your display picture. The top information beside your display picture now has some information like where you work, your education details, living place, date of birth, languages you speak etc.

Below to that, the photos which you’ve been tagged gets displayed. and below to that, you can see all those wall posts and status updates from your profile.

Facebook lets your friends contribute to your profile. Your friends can now contribute to your profile by adding sports that you play! It all depends upon how you have set the privacy settings. Once you set a new sport to your activities, facebook provides you with a option to add your friends name whom you play with, so that when you tag your friends name, it will be displayed to their profile activities too.

edit your facebook friends

Apart from this, you can highlight your friends on facebook such as close friends, family members etc. When you view friends profile on facebook, you can See friendship button to your right side, which shows all the things you share in common such as mutual friends, events you both planned to attend, shared groups, photos etc. It also now shows your featured friends in the left column. You can decide who shows up on this list.

Want this new profile layout, then go here and click the button ‘Get the New Profile’ you will get it instantly. Note : You cannot revert back to the old profile layout, once you’ve selected the new one.

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  1. What I hated the most is album view…and more over they increased the size of RHS for ads…!!!

  2. Hari says:

    I wish they also displayed links with the work and education.

  3. cat says:

    where’s the wall in a profile of a friend? how can i post something like in the old one?

  4. mheda says:

    i am now using the new facebook profile.but i can’t tag names on my wall using “@” . could anyone help me on this..big thanks :)

  5. aaron Boisel says:

    The new FB layout and the friends column: are the pictured friends assigned based on profile views (to and from,) mssgs sent/received, wall posts, etc.? I have many friends with whom I keep in regular contact with featured ON MY WALL. However, there are a couple that dont fit this criteria. Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

  6. x angel says:

    I love u

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