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When will you need this WordPress download monitor plugin ? Suppose if you’re giving away some set of files to your readers or some download options from your server, you can use this WordPress plugin to monitor your downloads. Linking back the downloads from an external server is not a good idea because, you may not know when the external server goes down and the download links in your blog post gets broken. So, uploading the files into your server and giving the direct links to download is the best possible option. If you’re planning to do so, you must install this plugin and it allows you to customize, monitor and track the downloads from your server. Let’s jump into its features and how is it useful.

WordPress Download Monitor plugin allows you to track your download hits in WordPress. It has interface for uploading and managing download files, inserting download links in posts, and monitoring download hits. Once you’ve downloaded and activated the plugin, you can see a separate set of options beneath the settings panel. You can edit, add new download links, manage download links and also customize the download link URL to custom URL.

You can upload the file from the plugin interface or you can also directly link the file URL. It also has the file browser where you can select the file directly from your server. You can also add the list of download mirror URLs, so that the plugin automatically picks up the mirror url when at download.

You can set the download only for members who’ve logged in and also you can set the minimum user level needed to download the file. there are many options available apart from tracking your download hits. You can also give custom format to your download files.

WordPress Download Monitor Features :

  • Built in Download Page function with built in sorting, pagination, and search.
  • Records file download hits but does not count downloads by wordpress admin users.
  • Stats on downloads and a download log for viewing who downloaded when.
  • Editor button – upload and add a download stright from a post.
  • Custom redirects to downloads.
  • Add downloads to text widgets, the content, excerpts, and custom fields.
  • Mirror support (selected at random) + mirror deadlink checker
  • Download Categories and tags.
  • Member only downloads, can also have a minimum user level using custom fields.
  • Localization support.
  • Admin for managing downloads and also changing hit counts – just in case you change servers or import old downloads that already have stats.
  • Custom URL’s/URL hider using mod_rewrite.

Download WordPress Download Monitor

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  1. Siva says:

    can v use it like Max ninja affiliate plugin ?

  2. Bligbook says:

    Great plugin,….it almost shows my complete info…..

  3. CreativeON says:

    its great feature for downloading sites,nice plugin

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