Make Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail as Default Email Client with GmailDefaultMaker


By default, on all computers, then email client will be Outlook with Windows live email service. When you click an hyperlink of an email that is mailto: link is clicked, it will open the outlook by default. But if you’re using Gmail or Yahoo as your primary email service or default email service, then how to change the Outlook to Gmail or Yahoo as your default email client ?

GmailDefaultMaker is an open source software that allows you to change the default email client from Outlook to your favorite email service such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Hotmail. You don’t need to configure anywhere, just install Gmail Default Maker software and then just leave it.

If you select Gmail as your default email client, then when you click an email link. The Gmail compose message webpage opens with the To: box filled in automatically instead of a desktop client like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Thunderbird.

Try for an example : Just click this email link before installing the GmailDefaultMaker, it will open in outlook or your pre-configured email client service.

Now after you install GmailDefaultMaker, you try clicking the same email link, it will open in your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail email service what ever you’ve configured while installing GmailDefaultMaker. While installing Gmail default maker, it will ask you for the default email service that you need to change. You can select from the options.

Download GmailDefaultMaker

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