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If you want to build a website, then you obviously need a name to start with. The name address which people can go and type on their address bar to reach and view your website. So, on the world wide web, a unique name which is an identification in the internet. For easy understanding, let me tell you an example. You have an name where people can use that to call you and identify you, similar to websites, there should be a name where people can find out. So those are called as Domain names or hostnames.

Where to find out whether your desired domain name is available on the internet or not ? You cannot check every domain name by typing it on the address bar. So there is a need for an online tool, that can find out whether the desired domain name is available on the whole internet. If it is available then, you can register it through a domain name registrar such as Godaddy or Namecheap etc.

To make you more clear, you might have used, so here the ‘Google’ is the unique name where people can identify on the internet www. and the “com” part of the domain name reflects the purpose of the organization or entity (in this example, “commercial”) and is called the top-level domain name. There are also domain names specific to countries like, .in for India, .au for australia etc. Business level domain names go with .biz etc.

Now the point here is, How to find whether my desired unqiue domain name is available on the internet ? As already said above, many domain name search online tools are available on the web that allows you to check domain names available or not. One such tool is – an Instant domain check engine. is the easiest way to check and register available domain names instantly! It shows the available domain names as you type, awesome instant domain name check feature. There is also advanced tools for bulk domain search, domain suggestion, deleted, expired, and premium domains for sale.

Just go to and start typing, as you type it will display the domain names in available sections. There are totally 8 level of domain names such as com, net, org, info, biz, mobi, name, us etc. So once you type, you can figure out on which extension your domain name is available.

There are also two sections named ‘History’ and ‘Favorite’. What all you’ve searched, will appear in the History tab and if you like a domain name, you can save it in Favorites section, So that the next time you visit, you can grab them from the favorites section.

If you click the clear all, then all the history’s are deleted, for saving in favorites, just click on the star beside the domain name listing, so that it gets favorited. There is also an option to disable instant search, so that when you have disabled, it waits for you to complete the word and then it shows the results.

Based on your query, instantly checks whether .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi and .name domain names are available. The domain search results will appear with 2-second delay for convenience. There are two choices given on the search results, it shows the domain name as available or taken.

If you find the domain name as Available, then just hover your mouse, you can see the information about where to buy the domain name and also offers regarding the free hosting packages given along the domain names. If you hover the mouse on the label Taken, you can visit the website, know about Whois information or hire broker to deal with parked domains.

You can also use to bulk search domain names. Just enter to their tools section and bulk domain check tool, all you need to do is, just keep on entering the names as you think one by one. Once you’ve done with that, now you can click on the search button, so that it displays all the results of the domain availability at one go.

As we have said already, there are tons of domain name registrar around the web, the has a separate section to find out the reviews about the popular domain name registrars such as Godaddy,, 1&1 and many more. Before buying your domain, you can find out the reviews from the review section and then proceed with the process.

If you’re in a confusion to select a domain name, then PcNames has a Domin generator. Just type in a keyword and it throws out all the possible domain names around the keyword.

Finally if you love PCnames, then you can embed their widget on your websites and blogs, Their domain search widgets are available on their widgets page where you can just copy, paste the codes into your widget box and show on your website. This will help you website visitors to search for domain names from inside your website or blog.

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