How to Videos for Parents to Learn Basic Computer Skills


To be truth, most of our parents find it difficult to solve the techie tasks which we do it in milliseconds. Just like cropping a photo, attaching a file to an email or creating a strong password for email accounts is all well known to this generation kids. But, when you consider your parents, they find it still difficult to operate and learn some basic computer skills right from copy paste function, how to take a screenshot to finding movie times, weather information on Google.

To avoid all these things, a few folks at Google built a website named ‘Teach Parents Tech’ to help keep tech support to your family and friends. It provides a lot of how to videos on all the things which I mentioned above such as Changing your desktop background, taking a screenshot, Creating an online calendar, Making calls from computer, transferring files between computers, finding public transportation direction on Google maps. All these How to videos are linked on the website.

All you need to do is, Go to and Select whom you want to send such as Mom, Dad or Some one else, then select the categories of videos to send. You can also watch those videos before sending them. Select the videos and Enter their email address to whom you need to send. Preview the email before sending them, satisfied, then hit the send button.

It will send them an email with tech support care package, that is How to videos on computer basics with your message. So this website would be very useful to send a tech support care package to your Family and they can also learn some basic computer skills.

Visit Teach Parents Tech, from folks at Google.

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  1. Hello Madras Geek,
    This video link is very useful. It is very kind of you to share this. I am glad to have found another Madarasi blogger.(Yes, I am also from good old Madras)

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