How to Save Search Results in Google Maps, Wikipedia


You can easily save the search results of Google maps . Already we had talked about saving Google maps for offline use, this time if you’re looking out for some places and wanted to save it for repeated use, then you can use this tiny free tool that allows you to save what you search on Google maps and Wikipedia.

Google Maps Save Search Results is a tiny software that allows you to save the search results into a text or HTML file. You can simply download and install it. Once you’ve installed, there are options such as how many results to limit the number of results display. So give them and start searching using the search box inside the tool.

Once you’ve done with the search, There are two types of saving option. To save the results to text file, select “Save To Text File” option then click “Save” button. Or to save the result to html format, choose “Save To HTML” option then click “Save” button.

Download Google Maps Save Search Results Software

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Similar to Google Maps Save Search results software, there is also Wikipedia search which offers similar functionality, Enter the keyword and search on Wikipedia. You can save the search results on text file or HTML file.

Download Wikipedia Save Search Results Software

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