How to post from Twitter to Facebook


If you’re a twitter user, you can sync your twitter updates to facebook easily. Already there are number of apps that allows you to sync your tweets to facebook status updates. It automatically posts all your twitter updates on your facebook profile. So here are few apps that allows you to do the function. Easily update your Facebook status from twitter.

Selective tweets

As the name suggest, you can post selective tweets to your Facebook update. Just install the app and connect with your twitter account. Once you’ve authorized your twitter account, when ever you want to post an update to facebook, just end your tweet with #fb , so that it sends the tweet to your Facebook status update.

Smart Twitter

Smart Twitter updates your Facebook status from your twitter status. However, it lets your configure which tweets get copied to Facebook. By default it doesn’t copy tweets like @replies, retweets, or #hashtags, but you can change these settings.

Ftwitter app

Fwitter updates your status with your latest tweet.

Do let us know if you’ve tried out any other Facebook app that allows you to post tweets into Facebook status updates.

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  1. I have been using the Selective tweets app since long time, and it’s the best one. What it requires is just a small #fb hashtag in the tweet. And however that tag isn’t shown in the facebook status when the tweet is posted on facebook. I didn’t like the Smart twitter app much as many tweets I post were with hashtags which were filtered when being posted on facebook.

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