How to Install, Uninstall Chrome Apps from Chrome Web Store ?


Already we have told about the Chrome Web Store that Google launched. On the Chrome Web Store, there are lot of apps which are categorized into topics such as Communication, Education, Entertainment, Productivity tools etc. If you don’t know what Chrome Web Store is, it is collection of web applications that can be used directly from the browser. Say for example, if you have been using some to-do list application on desktop, now you can access the to-do application from your browser.

Google chrome has opened a special Chrome Web Store which has all the web applications clubbed together. Don’t confuse yourself with the Chrome extensions, Chrome extensions are also accessible, these Chrome web apps sits separately in your chrome browser new tab, where you can access all your web apps.

How to Install Chrome Web Apps from Chrome Web Store ?

1. Open your Google chrome browser. Chrome Web Apps will work only on Chrome browser.

2. Go to Chrome Web Store

3. Check out the categories listed on the left side

4. Select any of the category, then select the app

5. Now you’re on the Chrome Web app page.

6. Click on the Install button

7. Now the app is installed on your Chrome browser

8. To check whether it is installed, open a new tab, you can see a New Title named ‘Apps’ above the most visited pages thumbnail preview.

9. Now you can click on the thumbail preview of the Web app and start using it.

How to Uninstall a Web app in Chrome browser ?

1. As we have said earlier, all the web apps which you have installed, will be listed in the new tab under the Apps section.

2. Right click the thumbnail preview of any specific web app

3. You will see a option to uninstall.

How to Pin a Web app in Chrome ?

On the right click of any Web app, you can see a option to open as pinned tab. This option will pin the web app permanently as a tab in your chrome browser. You can just right click on the tab and click unpin a tab to release the function.

You can also open the web app in full screen mode, same by right clicking on the web app in new tab window and selecting the options.

Also do let us know what’s your favorite web app on Chrome web store.

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