How to backup delicious bookmarks ?


There was a talk about delicious few days back that Yahoo is shutting down its bookmarks service ‘Delicious’, So people have started searching for the best delicious alternative service, also some wanted to export their delicious bookmarks which they have been kept preserving for years together. So, thought why not come up with the simple default option that delicious provides to its users with the option to backup or export your delicious bookmarks to another browser.

To export your delicious bookmarks to HTML file, its simple. Go to Settings > Export it to HTML file. You can Export / Backup Bookmarks and download a copy of your bookmarks for safe-keeping or to transfer into your browser.

1. Go to

2. Settings

3. Export / Backup delicious Bookmarks – Direct Link

4. You can include tags, notes and backup the delicious bookmarks

5. You can also import the saved backup copy to your browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. So that you can use it directly from the browser.

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