How to Add Santa hat, Santa cap to Photos ?


As I said already, we have been covering many Christmas related tools, apps. Previously we had seen Desktop Christmas tree, Christmas Wallpapers, Christmas templates for websites, Christmas icons etc. Now Let’s check out how to add santa hat to your photos. You can add santa cap on your photos and change it on all your social networking profiles like Facebook, twitter etc.

PikiPimp is a web app that allows you to add photo effects to your images such as mustaches, glasses, text effects, bubbles etc. There are many photo effects categories on PikiPimp. One such category is Christmas. You have santa hats, bells, and other toys related to Christmas.

It is very simple to add Christmas santa hats to your photos using PikiPimp. Just go to, upload your photo, select the category Christmas, you can browse through christmas santa hats and other toys, Select your desired santa hat, drag them to your photo and place on it.

You can adjust the hat with the given options such as rotating, fliping, setting transparency etc. Once you’ve done with it, you can preview, save it to your computer. You can change the display picture on social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, twitter with new santa hat on your photo. This shows expressing towards the eve Christmas.

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