How to Add Facebook Widget, Twitter Gadget to Blog Sidebar ?


Do you want to know how your blog is performing on Social media sites like twitter and facebook ? Find out using Facebook social widgets and Twitter gadgets and also display, show off to your blog readers. This is one kind of trick to increase your page views, reduce the bounce rate and also it will allow people to find out more content from your blog.

These social power widgets on blog’s sidebar is a proven technique to hold your readers more time in your blog. You can simply display the Facebook widget and twitter gadget which displays your blog posts that are shared by your readers on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Let’s see how to add them on your blog sidebar.

How to add Facebook Activity Feed Widget on Websites ?

1. Go to Facebook developer plugins

2. Select Facebook Activity Feed widget

3. Enter your website address in the domain text area (eg :

4. Adjust the height and width of the activity widget according to your blog sidebar

5. Select color scheme, font, border color and Click Get code

6. Copy the iframe code and paste it on your website sidebar.

7. If you’re using Blogger domain, then go to Design > Page elements > Add a Gadget > HTML/Javascript and then save it.

8. If you’re using WordPress, then go to > dashboard > widgets > text widget > paste the code and view it on your blog.

How to add Twitter Activity Widget on Websites ?

1. Go to Twitter widgets > Search widget

2. Add your search query For example, your blog name (madrasgeek)

3. Add a title and caption to your widget

4. You can also play with the settings, appearance, color, width, height, etc

5. Once everything is done, click save and get the code.

6. Similar to Facebook activity widget, paste the code in Blogger blogs and WordPress sidebar too.

If you’ve any difficulty in doing the above ones, do comment here. I will help you.

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  1. Bligbook says:

    oh…this looks really cool…

    nice sharing…..

  2. Avinash says:

    Any idea why the twitter gadget on my blog is displaying all in Capital Letters? (
    It was correctly displayed when I configured on official Twitter page.

  3. Avinash says:

    The are no font settings while configuring the official twitter gadget. Interestingly, it displays correctly while configuring on twitter page. When I copy the same code into my blogger element, it changes automatically in all caps.

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  5. Clearpores says:

    how to add a social media slidebar to my website?

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