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Sharing links have become quite important in our lives. Whether it’s a photo link to a loved on or a funny story to a friend , links are a key component. Social networking sites like twitter is one of the main reasons of shortening URL . The 140 character  really put a limit in sharing lengthy URL. Providers like came into the picture because of this . These providers are like DNS for DNS !! URL to URL then to  the actual IP . Kinda crazy idea I’d say, nevertheless , they are here to stay.

So the problem with these Shortening is you can shorten just one URL. So say i have


and i want to shorten it then ,using, its child’s play to shorten it  or you can see the below links to see how to shorten this long URL

2 Ways to Share URL on Twitter

3 URL Shortening Extensions For Chrome

URL Shortening on Chrome with Chikitizer

Well what if i want to shorten a group of URL’s, like a bundle of links to see all my bikes photo ? This is where bridgeurl fills in the gap.

So to shorten a bundle of URL’s

  1. Give a nice title .
  2. Type in the list of URL’s you want to bundle, make sure that each URL is separated by a enter.
  3. Click on the Create Link button

The final result will be one URL that’ll point to all a list of URL’s. You can also see the Bundled URL’s like a slide show . Which is a must try i’d say .

Try bridgeurl

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  1. Marko says:

    Have you ever tried

    They are the coolest service on the block for these kind of tricks.

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