Generate Secure Passwords with HashaPass


Passwords, passwords and passwords !!!! At times i don try new web-apps if they ask me to register, the reason being that they need a email and password .From past experience i know that using same passwords across the internet is not safe at all no matter how cryptic it is . The pressure of one email id and one password is worst nightmare in the cyber space.

hashapass is a simple solution to almost all the password problems .The usage of this app is pretty simple

  1. Enter a parameter that describes the website like website-name, the complete URL etc etc
  2. Enter a master password. While doing this make sure that you enter a password which is  tough to crack.
  3. Click on the hash a pass! and done, you password is ready!!!

The app is available as a sidebar,bookmarklet and can be accessed from a phone to . The application is pretty safe, @madrasgeek team has verified that no information is transmitted back to their server as on december 1st,2010 . The hash is done completely at the client side.

Try hashapass

Try hashapass mobile

Do let us know what you thought about the app. Drop your question and thoughts below in the comment section :)

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