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You might have used individual apps for social networking sites such as for using Twitter and Facebook you can use Tweetdeck, YouTube you can use some specific app and other specific social networking websites. How about using them all in one tool ? Social networking browser ? Some what like that .. Let’s check out Fizzik.

Fizzik is a specially designed browser to have all the fun with social media at one application. You can check news, do social networking, share information, watch videos, all together enjoy and share the best media on the Web.

You don’t get distrubed shuffling back and forth looking into search results and checking out your twitter, facebook stream. It brings the combination of both search results and social media inside the browser. It is not a standard html browser, its something different. Check out the video below which explains about Fizzik

If you look out for search inside Fizzik, you can do wide search with different search tools such as search with amazon, flickr, bing, news search with bing news, telegraph, huffington post. Video search with YouTube, social search with twitter etc.

You can save the searches, share the search items etc. I was suprised when I did a search with twitter. I just changed my search button to social search on twitter, just entered my blog name ‘madrasgeek’. Once I did this, it listed all the tweets where madrasgeek are mentioned. When you click on the tweets, the tweets and the link which is shared on the tweets is opened on the right pane. Look out the below screenshot.

When you search on YouTube, the videos are played on the right pane. So all together, you can search, share and enjoy.

Download Fizzik – Social media browser

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