Free Mind Mapping Software for Windows with BluMind


Already we had talked alot about Online mind mapping tools, free flowchart software and many more. Now adding to the list of mind mapping softwares, here is one light weight mind mapping tool for Windows PC that lets you to help in mapping the mind.

Blumind for Windows is a free mind mapping software that allows you to edit and view mind maps. You can easily create free mind maps and export it as image files in PNG, JPEG and several other image formats. You can also export it as a text file.

Blumind has different themes and you can customize your map in different colors and fonts. It gives you the power of total customization. You can find it very useful if you’re planning things.

Bascially what is Mind mapping software ? It lets you to plan things, bring down your ideas and thoughts into a visual presentation. Mind mapping software is used to create diagrams of relationships between ideas or other pieces of information.

As the official home page of Blumind is on chinese platform, here is the link of translated english version.

Download BluMind Mind Mapping Software | Homepage

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  1. Great software :) Keep the good work bro )

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