Free Countdown Timer Widget for Windows with Sound Alerts


Clock count down will be helpful to finish up a task before the time gets out. It acts as a useful reminder widget for everyone. If you’re a Windows user, then free count down timer widget named ‘Orzeszek Timer’ is what we are going to see now. Already on the past we had seen Online Count down clock and Alarm software for Windows.

Orzeszek Timer is a basic countdown timer for Windows. Just enter a time in any format, and hit Enter. Orzeszek Timer will count down to zero and, optionally, notify you with an alarm. Some of the formats that is supported such as 5 – 5 minutes ; 2.5 – 2 minutes 30 seconds ; 1d 5h 3m 25s – 1 day 5 hours 3 minutes 25 seconds ; 1.05:03:25 – 1 day 5 hours 3 minutes 25 seconds and many more.

By default the alarm has only beep sound, You can also add custom .wav files to the Sounds folder and use those instead. You have the options to loop the notification alarm and other options too.

Download Countdown Timer Widget

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