Create Audio books for iTunes, iPod with Chapter and Verse Free Audio Book Creator


Audio book creator ? what does it do ? It binds all your audio files and make it as a book with audio chapters. Say suppose if you’re downloading podcasts for free with lot of chapters, you can create it as an audio book and playing it on iTunes or your iPod.

Chapter and Verse is a free software that allows you to create audio books. It simply combines multiple audio files and make it as a audio book. You can create chapterized audiobooks for the iPod, iTunes and Quicktime.

The user can add, modify and delete the audio book. Once you’ve given the input, it shows an virutal sample of audio book where you can test the changes, listen to it before you build your audio book.

Once you’ve built, you can automatically add it to your iTunes library. You can add, remove chapters, also create audio chapters with regular time intervals, add image to the cover of audio book, also you can add meta datas like Title, artist, album name, company name, genre, copyright, grouping and also comments.

Its so simple, input the files > make chapters > add meta details > build your audio book.

Download Chapter and Verse Free Audio Book Creator

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  1. Downloaded from your links.Thanks for sharing such a great tool,Srivathsan.

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