Find out Whether is it raining in your city ?


Predicting the weather forecast in your city ? We had discussed alot of tools to predict weather forecast, reviewed a chrome addon that looks for weather conditions and also We had seen finding weather forecast through twitter direct messages. The weather conditions and values are sent via twitter DM. Now, here is an interesting online tool that tells you whether it is raining in your city or not ? is a simple cool website that lets you know whether it is raining in your city, not only in your city, which ever city name you type in, it pulls out the weather forecast from Yahoo Weather and displays whether it is raining or not along with the weather condition.

All you need to do is, Just go to and type a city’s name. Suppose if you want to know whether it is raining in new york? then type New York and hit enter. It will show you the details such as local time at the destination, a general description of the weather and temperature.

Try Is it raining in your city?

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