Find out If your website is Blacklisted with Blacklistalert


How to test if your IP or domain name is blacklisted in a spam databse ? If suppose you’re going to buy some registered domain name and want to make sure it’s clean and if you’re moving to new hosting company or new server, you make sure that the IP address is clean without any blacklist on spam database. So, this tool will help you in finding if your website is blacklisted in spam database. is a useful web service for webmasters and domain buyers that will allow you to check whether the domain name or IP address is blacklisted in any of the spam databases. If you’re in a process to exchange links or create a partnership with some website owners, you can verify their website whether they are blacklisted in any spam case and make sure they are free from it.

Blacklistalert alerts you if you’re domain or IP address is blacklisted. Check it out yourself, interesting and useful web tool


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  1. Bligbook says:

    Nice site to find about black listed sites…


  2. Larry says:

    what a great site, it’s very useful. Bookmarked and will surely use it often.

  3. Amit says:

    Great nice info..

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