Find, Delete Duplicate Songs from iTunes with GizmoTrim


Previously we had seen a similar kind of tool for finding and remove duplicate, identical music files from PC, now the same kind of concept on iTunes. GizmoTrim is a simple utility that finds and deletes duplicate music files from iTunes.

If you have duplicate music or video tracks in iTunes, GizmoTrim will quickly and easily remove them from your library. It does the simple task of only finding the duplicate files and removing them from iTunes.

Once you’ve installed GizmoTrim, when you launch Gizmotrim, the iTunes which you’ve installed on your system will also launch together. So go to Gizmotrim tool, click the Search option, it searches your iTunes library and finds out the duplicate music files.

Once the duplicate files are listed out, you can click thte Delete button to delete all the duplicate music files, there by it frees up some space.

Download GizmoTrim

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