Extend Windows 7, Vista laptop Battery life with Aerofoil


When it comes to laptop, notebooks we always want them to have more battery life so that we could carry it for long hours. But when you enable all the multimedia features on laptop, obviously their battery life reduces. People usually say, my laptop doesn’t stand for long period, battery is draining.

So what should you do when you need to extend laptop’s battery life ? Certain tools are there to extend your laptops battery life to certain level. One of them is Aerofoil. Previously we had seen Battery eater, which checks your laptop battery life performance, which displays the real worth of the battery inside your machine. But this aerofoil tool will help you to extend some more life to your battery.

Aerofoil is a simple free utility for Windows vista and Windows 7 laptops to extend their battery life. What is does is, it simply disables the Windows Aero Glass interface, Windows Sidebar, Sound off when your notebook computer runs on battery and switches to Windows Power plans to save the battery. You can do this manually, but you cannot be doing when ever your laptop is in battery mode, but this tool does it automatically when it detects your laptop in battery mode.

Aero Glass is re-enabled on program exit or whenever it is connected to the AC power again. Adding to it, also provides features such as quick hibernate shutdown option and manual control of Aero Glass. The purpose of these changes is to extend your notebook battery life.

It doesn’t affect any of the performances on apps which you’ve installed. 100% free.

Download Aerofoil 32 Bit / 64 bit OS – Extend Windows vista and Windows 7 Laptop battery life

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  1. I think I must use this utility because my laptop’s battery life is just of half an hour, thanks for sharing it

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