How to Save Website for Offline Browsing with IDM Grabber


Everyone knows that in this networked world lot of information is in the internet in the form of websites. But the only problem here is one can access them if and only if one is connected to internet and online. So to overcome this problem am going to suggest you a solution that is to grab the entire content of your favorite web sites and store it for future use on our Hard drive. So why to waste time every time opening browser and waiting for the web site to load start downloading your web sites.

To save your favorite websites you need to download Internet Download Manager a handy tool to accelerate download speeds. You can download Internet download manager

Step 1:

Install the software you have downloaded, since it is normal software it doesn’t trouble you much. After installing run it.

Step 2:

After you run it you will be seeing a window like this.

Click on the Grabber icon which will be on the top right corner of the window which helps you to grab website.

Step 3:

Enter website name as project name and the website URL and select the content you want to save from the website. Here am downloading the entire website.

Step 4:

Now browse the location where you want to save the site and click next.

Step 5:

Click yes if asks to create a folder named Wikileaks for you. And click next and continue.

Step 6:

Now you can select the file types which you like to download from the site. By default every file will be downloaded.

Step 7:

Now your download starts and you can also check the statistics of the download.

Step 8:

It takes good amount of time if the website contains many files. After the download finishes you can go to the folder where you have stored the files previously and can browse the entire website offline by opening the index.html .Enjoy offline browsing.

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  1. Firewallbypass says:

    great info..dude ..but it really takes a whole lot of time..

    • sumanth says:

      if the site u want is contains lots of files it takes a lot of time..but if u have less amount of content it wont take dat much tym..

  2. Anand Rao says:

    I track your blog regularly for info on different tech stuff.

  3. this is good thing but a disadvantage to that user who has limited bandwidth

  4. Dhaval says:

    Thnx.I liked it…Usefulll…

  5. ajit singh says:

    hey dude!! its great!!!

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