Display websites in custom resolution sizes with Simures


Testing and sharing the appearance of your web page in various screen resolutions will be helpful and website designers will get an idea of how the web page will look in different screen resolutions. Previously we had discussed about similar kind of concept to check websites in different screen resolutions which will come handy chrome extension. Now here is an online tool that does the same functionality

simures (sim u res) is an online tool that lets you to test and share appearance of web pages in various screen resolutions. All you need to do is, simply enter the web page url, mention the width and height of your web page which you need to test.

Now you can see how the web page will look in your own customized width and height screen resolution. Check out this cool online tool which will be more helpful to web designers.

Simures – Check websites in different screen resolutions.

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  1. that’s cool.. :) Thanks btw..

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