Disable Autorun in Windows with Autorun Disabler


Sometimes when you insert a CD/DVD or USB drive, it shows an autorun function which pops up a small window with different kinds of option to open the files inside the drive. For some, it may be useful to quickly get the folder open, but for many it is a risk factor that the USB or CD drive may be infected with virus, and accidently you open the folder, the virus spreads in your system. So the question here is ‘ How to Disable or turn off the Autorun in Windows ? ‘ It is always a safer side to disable the autorun, so that you can manually scan for virus before opening them.

Normally, to disable or turn the Autorun in Windows, you need to do some registry hacks. To avoid that, here is a free small utility for Windows, that disables the autorun function. “AutoRun Disabler” which allows you to disable Autorun functionality for different kind of drives like CD drive, removable drives, etc quickly and easily.

Its a portable utility so you don’t need to install it. Simply download the ZIP file, extract it and run the EXE file. Select the desired option from the list and click on OK button to apply it. You need Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher to use this tool. If you’re using Windows Vista or Windows 7, then it is pre-installed.

Download Autorun Disabler

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