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You may know about the text to speech online tool that allows you to type a block of text and it does the voice translation of your text. Similar kind of technology when applied to online avatars, it looks much fun. You can easily create a talking avatar which talks the text you type. I just stumbled across this website named Sitepal which allows you to create an avatar using text to speech tool.

Text to Speech from Sitepal is a simple fun tool that lets you to create talking avatars with the text to speech online tool. All you need to do is, just start typing the text, select language and click Say it. The avatar talks the text that you’ve written. It looks so cool and fun sometimes to hear your name or something you type.

This funny tool also has some extra features like where you can specifiy different languages english, japanese, hindi, french, greek, spanish etc. It has more than 20 languages to choose from. Also you can specifiy the voice such as male or female and also if you select the language such as english, there are lot of accents such as Australian english, UK english, Scottish english, South african english etc.

It also offers voice effects such as echo, pitch, speed duration and many more. Cool online tool to check out.

Create Talking Avatar for free

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  1. Bligbook says:

    Nice one, i will try it now and give you a feedback…..

  2. Ankit says:

    Seems worth trying :P

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