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QR codes are barcodes which a barcode scanner or mobile phones or a smart phone can read. It is one of the method to encode a data. Your data can be a text, a url, a phone number or an sms. If you’re using Google android operating system, then it supports the use of QR codes by natively including the barcode scanner. Many of the android apps can also be downloaded using this QR code. Now lets see how to create a QR code online

QR Code Generator is an online tool that will let you to create QR codes online, You can encode your data to QR codes. Your data can be in the form of URL, text, SMS or phone number.

Just go to this QR code generator online tool and enter your data and select the QR code size such as Medium, Large or Super large or small size qr code. Once you’ve done, click generate, it generates the QR code image on the left side. Now you can embed this QR code in any web page or even save the image and paste it anywhere.

QR Code Generator

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  1. 2d Barcode says:

    I love the way that information and aesthetics are combining. When I look at some contemporary abstract art I see some similarities with the way that information is encoded and displayed. I wonder if we are treading new artistic grounds in this new technology? It may not stop at t-shirts designs, anyway!

    Thanks for the post, Srivathsan. And thanks for the cool link, I hope you don’t mind if I use it on my blog – I’ll link to your page too.

  2. says: just launched with the effort to connect online and offline worlds through QR Codes. QR barcodes, or quck response codes, are an unique variety of barcode that can be read by mobile phones and include as much as 100 occasions the quantity of details than a regular barcode does. gives consumers the ability to modernize their business and interact with customers. We leave to you the decision what details you would like to incorporate into your QR code – from web site URLs, Facebook Fan and Places pages, Twitter profiles, Videos, Venue check-ins or eBay Items for sale – all this in one code.

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  4. Nick says:

    Don’t forget Tagginn! You can Create, Edit & Track your QR Codes and Microsoft TAG’s for Free!

    Best Wishes,


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