Control Mouse with Keyboard using MouseFighter


You can easily control your mouse with your keyboard. If suppose your computer mouse doesn’t work, then you can use your keyboard as mouse. You can do all the mouse key operations, move around smoothly from your keyboard. Let’s check out how ?

MouseFighter is a free application that lets you to use your keyboard as mouse cursor. You can simply install this application, and use your keyboard keys to move around smoothly, you can use right click and left click too. All you need to do is, just install the MouseFighter application. It sits silently in your system tray and when the mouse doesn’t work, just hit your caps lock button to activate the MouseFighter.

You can simply use your keyboard arrow keys to move around, for left click and right click, you can use the letter ‘A’ and ‘S’ respectively. If you want to deacitivate the mousefighter, then hit the caps lock button once again. You can also change the keys from the settings panel, adding to it, you can also change the accelerating speed level, on screen display etc.

Download MouseFighter – Use keyboard as mouse

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