Close, Hide All Tabs on Chrome at One Click with Panic Button


If you’re visiting some illegal sites at your Office and want to close all the working tabs at once when you’re boss is coming on the way, then you can use this Panic Button extension for chrome that allows you to hit one button which closes all the tabs. I should say, it doesn’t close actually, it hides them and sends them to a temporary folder in your bookmarks bar.

PanicButton makes it easier for you to hide all of your tabs at once just by clicking on a button. They are then saved as bookmarks in a separate folder. After that the PanicButton turns green and shows you how many tabs are currently hidden.

Once you’ve installed the panic button addon, you can see a red exclamation mark button on your address bar. If you click that button, all your tabs will be hided and you can set a safe page when you click that button. It means, If you set safe page as New Tab, then when you click panic button, all the tabs will be hided and you can see only a new tab.

All the hided tabs are saved into temporary panic folder in your ‘Other bookmarks’ folder. Once you’ve clicked on the red panic button, it hides all the tabs and turns into green color with number of tabs shown.

You can activate keyboard shortcut for using the Panic button. Say for example, if you click Ctrl+F12, then it hides all the tabs. To open the hided tabs, you can also use password protection where no other person can open the hided tabs.

You can also set the safe page to custom page or blank page. You can use all the options from the options panel of the panic button.

Download Panic Button for Chrome

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