Google Opens Chrome Web Store, Launched CR-48 Chrome OS Laptop


As a Chrome Fanatic, I cannot wait to share this with you all. Last night, there was a Chrome OS event where Google officials unveiled two things. 1) Google Chrome Web Store 2) Chrome OS Laptop. Excited! On the Chrome OS event, Google officials said that they have improved the Chrome browser speed as twice in the new version of their Google Chrome 8. The version 8 has good performance in handling complex javascripts from the websites and will return twice the speed of the previous version. Also they have unveiled Chrome Web Store.

What is Chrome Web Store ?

All these days, if you have been using chrome extensions on Google chrome, now it has extended as a Chrome Web Store, that has all the Chrome Web Apps useful for users and developers. A store of applications for Chrome browser and Chrome OS. The Chrome Web Store will feature 3 things. First is Chrome Web Apps where you can find number of apps specially designed for Chrome browser, Second part is usual chrome extensions, Third part is Chrome themes to dress up your Chrome browser. Finally you can find a small link named ‘Your Apps’ down the Chrome web store page where you can find all the apps which are installed in your Chrome browser.

For example, You might have been using Tweetdeck , a twitter client. Now you can use the same Tweetdeck on Chrome browser as a web app. When you use it as separate tool, then it is Tweetdeck, If you use the same in Chrome browser, it is named ‘Chromedeck’

Still Confused ? Check out the power of Chrome Web apps now by hitting to The New York Times Chrome Web app. You will find it easy to read all the sections of the magazine The New York Times. Chrome Web apps can be easily installed just like any other extension which you would have done before, just hit the Chrome web store, select the applications and install it on your Chrome browser. You can access the Chrome Web Store.

CR-48 Chrome OS Laptop

After the introduction of Chrome Web store, Google Talked about their Chrome OS, which they have announced last year. The Chrome Operating System is specially built and optimized for the web. As they cannot leave the operating system in to the store with the beta tag, they have launched the Chrome OS laptop named CR-48.

To know about the details of the New Chrome OS Laptop CR-48, you can read at our Mobigizmos Blog. Also they have only limited editions of this Chrome OS laptop, So Google officials made a pilot program where they need testers and users to give feedback by using this Chrome OS laptop.

If you’ve some keen knowledge about the web and Chrome browser, you can apply for Chrome OS laptop. Google is giving Free Chrome OS laptop for users who are selected from this pilot program. Check out How to get the CR-48 Chrome OS laptop for review unit ?

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