4 Reasons Why Your Readers May Be Leaving You


After months or years of hard work, you finally have your blog up and running. You have set a routine for yourself and have even generated a fair amount of buzz over your blog as well. You have a relatively large readership, and rarely do you put up a post that does not generate plenty of feedback. Yet, you are beginning to find that your audience is gradually getting smaller and smaller. Before you panic and think that your blog is doomed, examine these four reasons why your readers may be leaving you and act accordingly to fix these potential issues.

I hate your blog

You are slower at updating than you used to be

If you are letting your posts sit idle for too long before putting up a new post, you may be driving your readers away. A steady stream of updates is a surefire way to keep your readers coming back again and again. If you suddenly begin taking longer breaks between posts, your readers may go to other sources instead for content. After all, it can be frustrating to go to a blog only to find that the blogger has not updated in more than two weeks. In the event that you know you will be unable to post for an extended period of time, either schedule some posts to run automatically while you are away or put up a notice of hiatus. A notice of hiatus will warn your readers to not expect any new content from you for a specified period of time, which will allow them to simply come back to your blog on your announced return date, rather than deleting your blog from their blog roll forever.

The quality of your posts has declined

Be honest with yourself are you still putting in as much effort in creating your posts as you did when you first started blogging? It is inevitable that some bloggers may see a drastic decline in post quality as they run out of ideas on what to post about, or simply are trying to rush out as many posts as possible because they are busy. Whatever the reason, a diminished quality in your posts could be causing your readers to stop visiting. Make sure that you are still editing your posts before publishing them, looking them over carefully for spelling and grammatical errors, clarity, and relevance.

You stopped interacting with your readers and other bloggers

In today’s frenzy over social media, many web users crave interaction. Those who visit your blog are no exception. Your readers would love to interact with you, whether it is through polls, comments, or contests. The most successful independent bloggers typically interact regularly with their readers by responding to reader e-mails, responding to comments, commenting on the blogs of others, or holding special things like reader-submitted posts. This type of interaction makes your blog feel less anonymous and more like a community effort, which in turn will keep your readers returning for more. If you used to interact with your readers but now have stopped because you do not have the time or have lost interest, consider increasing your level of interaction. You can do so by responding to comments or even by linking your blog to your other social media outlets, like Twitter or Facebook, and interacting with them through there.

You have strayed off track

Perhaps when you started the blog, you were focused primarily on posting about graphic design, but now you find yourself posting about anything and everything, from your travel stories to your fascination with race cars. The loyal readers who
began following your blog may have only been interested in what you were saying then and may not be interested in the unrelated topics you are posting about now, so if they find that you are writing less and less about your blog’s original topics, then they may stop visiting. If you find that your readership is dwindling, think about when it began happening. If your audience began shrinking when you started to post too much about off-topic things, then you should consider
going back to your blog’s roots and only focusing your posts on one general niche.

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  1. Exactly! these are main reasons why bloggers loose readers.

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